I serve ambitious, driven women in service-based careers who have mentally checked out of their relationships, learn to trust themselves again so that they feel worthy of what they truly desire. 

God did not put you on this earth to be a martyr or a mule of the world. God gave you the ability to have heaven on earth now. Heaven is waiting for you to step into your calling.

You are called to:

  • Be unapologetic in your truths, joys, desires, contradictions, and intersections
  • Use your voice and unique talents to change our world
  • Hold space for the next generation
  • Stand on the shoulders of our ancestors as we live the lives they dreamed
  • Revel in true, authentic sisterhood

It is my soul's work to facilitate that journey for you.  

It is my soul's calling to empower and restore women so that you can 

  • Heal and liberate yourself
  • Revel in joy and pleasure
  • Restore your place as divine leaders
  • Stand up more fully as leaders
  • Have peace of mind and joy every day of your life
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Experience choice and freedom in your life
  • Know that your life matters and who you are is enough 

We are meant to evolve, love, and move humanity forward. When we serve others with our gifts, we all win.  

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